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Browne Jacobson receive 8 rosettes from Lex 100

14 October 2011

Following the completion of this year’s Lex 100 survey, Browne Jacobson have scored a hat-trick by securing eight out of ten rosettes for the third year in a row!

This is a fantastic achievement for the firm since according to research, the Lex 100 survey is one of the most influential resources that students consider when deciding which firm to apply to for a training contract (along side law fairs, the training contract handbook and of course the local night life)!

As a reminder, the Lex 100 survey takes place every year and involves our trainees submitting questionnaires to Lex HQ. We were compared against 150 other law firms by over 2,500 trainees who rate firms out of ten for ten different categories. The 20 highest scoring firms in each category receive both a rosette and a great deal of recognition by both current and prospective trainees.

Highlights from this year’s submission include being awarded first place for ‘Job Satisfaction’ and second place for ‘Friendliness’ having been pipped to the post by Wedlake Bell LLP. The strong performance in these categories is supported by the trainees’ supplementary feedback including: ‘Everyone is friendly'; ‘you feel part of the firm from day one'; ‘the support network you build up is invaluable’.