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Summer in the office... it's not all bad!

1 September 2011

Well let’s face it, we’ve had a pretty rubbish summer (what’s new). The sun doesn’t seem to want to make a long-lasting appearance after having shown off in Spring. So to be perfectly honest I don’t really mind being at work while people are traipsing around outside with their coats and umbrellas trying to make the most of their ‘time off’. Plus, there are some other benefits about working here in the summer too…

Firstly people are always going on holiday, either jetting off abroad somewhere or to spend time with their family. This inevitably means a reduction in the numbers of stressed out team members, less people in the office (so more time to get those chargeable hours in with minimal distraction and get out before 6pm) and probably the most important consequence of all – more goodies. For when each person comes back from holiday they are obliged to bring in treats to make those of us who worked while they sunned themselves on the beaches of Barbados, feel better.

Furthermore, the firm’s main social events are all concentrated in the colder months. So though the days will soon be getting shorter and darker, I have lots to look forward to. Therefore, in my humble opinion, working in the summer months at BJs really isn’t really so bad.