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Legal updates from the firm - how to find out more...

27 July 2011

At Browne Jacobson we regularly keep our clients up-to-date with our opinions on topical news and updates on changes in the law.

These include, amongst others:

– Bulletins – quick updates on changes in the law
– Legal updates – a collection of articles distributed by sector on a bi-monthly basis
– Clarity guides – white paper guides on complex issues

Getting involved in submitting blogs or writing articles about recent updates or breaking news is a great way of developing your analytical and communication skills, an essential part of being a good lawyer.

Our Law, Less Ordinary website allows our lawyers to post quick, punchy legal opinions on topical issues. There is a word limit to our posts so it ensures the article is straight to the point. I am currently in my second seat in IPR Social Care, this area is a pretty hot topic and as a team we regularly blog on news stories and legislative or sector updates. This enables our clients to find quick, easy to read information at the click of a button. The legal opinions page is regularly updated with many posts from a variety of different teams.

The idea is that the opinion should be written and posted on the same day of the news breaking (or as near as possible). The aim of this is for it to be as timely as possible so developments can be seen in an area the day they happen. The blog is linked to the author so that should a client or member of the public want some more information or advice they can go directly to those in the know!

It makes for really interesting reading, why not check it out by following the link above…