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A walking weekend at Browne Jaocbson...

6 July 2011

So what’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘walking weekend’. Do you automatically think, walking = boring + for strange people + boring? Well, you would be sorely mistaken as I found out at the weekend.

At just gone 5.00pm on Friday, around 15 of Browne Jacobson’s most jolly thrill-seekers headed into the middle of nowhere to a YHA farm house smack-bang in the middle of the Peak District. On arrival, with suitcases dumped we tucked into some pims, gin, sangria, wine and nibbles to wind-down from a busy week. Two hours down the track and any troubles we might have had on arrival were but a distant memory.

After a delicious home cooked meal of lasagne (thanks to some well-prepared organisers) we settled down for a game of Cranium. Our stomach muscles could barely take the hilarity that overtook the evening. Some good old sing-songs later (Wonderwall, Dancing Queen, American Pie, Bohemian Rhapsody etc) and the night carried on well into the early hours of Saturday morning.

Morning came about with glorious sunshine and at 9am on the dot I was up helping cook the mother of all breakfasts so that people were ready for the actual ‘walking’ part of the weekend. Fast forward a couple of hours and we finally headed off into the glorious peaks taking in some beautiful views (and stopping often to glug some water and sweat out the previous night’s alcohol). After a slight detour into head-height bracken where we looked like lost meerkats in a sea of green, (apparently a lifetime of orienteering and map-reading just isn’t enough for some leaders), we eventually found our way back to the main path and to the pub for a tasty pub-lunch. Then, it was back to the farm for some rounders action and a cup of tea (or straight into the wine for some).

That evening we were all in bed by 7pm. Only kidding! This time it was Balderdash (after a cold, well freezing, shower) where we all lied our way into some pretty hilarious bluffs. Following a supper of chilli and jacket potatoes and the world’s best homemade brownies we lit a bonfire, grabbed the gin and started singing some rather random songs. Some (not all) stayed up until light (after nearly falling into the bonfire) and after a lazy Sunday morning we all headed back to Nottingham all “walked” out.

Mozzy bites on my feet were well worth a memorable weekend. Bring on the next one.