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Three peaks challenge - new heights for BJ trainees!

9 June 2011

The challenge for me started at 5pm on Thursday evening when Ben and I had to pick up the minibus. Luckily Ben offered to drive it back through Birmingham so I could delay my first experience of driving a minibus a little longer. We stopped at Tesco on the way back and almost bought all of their stock of 5 litre bottles of water.

On Friday morning the team gathered outside the Birmingham office at 7.30am. With bags loaded into the minibus we were on the road by 8am. Spirits were high and we made good progress, crossing into the Scotland just before lunch. We made our final service stop just south of Glasgow where we could refuel before the final leg of the journey. We could see snow on some of the Peaks as we approached Fort William. Hayley refused to believe and made a very daring statement, something about dancing naked if there was snow at the summit of Ben Nevis….We made good time and arrived in Fort William just after 4pm.

It was very hot as we start of the climb to the summit of Ben Nevis. As we climbed closer the summit we headed into the cloud. As we saw the first patch of Snow (Hayley?!) we knew we must be getting closer to the summit, however, the track seemed to go on an on. Eventually we made it to the summit and had a quick snack before the cold got the better of us and we headed back down.

We reached the foot of Ben Nevis in good time and bundled everyone into the minibus before starting the 6 hour drive to Scafell Pike. We stopped for a break and topped up with fuel at Gretna where Dave was threatening to have a quickie marriage with the nearest person!

We arrived at Scafell Pike at 4.30 in the morning, I think I only managed to get about an hour of light sleep but there was no time to feel tired! It was a beautiful morning and it felt very invigorating to be climbing Scafell Pike so early on a Saturday morning. The mountain was surprisingly busy for the time of day but it was nice to chat to other ‘Three Peakers’.

As we got back down to the minibus our driver had started up a bit of friendly rivalry with the driver of another minibus which we kept bumping into – the speed at which we were going through the lanes suddenly seemed to pick up!

We arrived at Snowdon having encountered a few delays and only had three hours to spare before our 24 hour time limit. The sun was shining and it was HOT. However, this didn’t stop us as we made it to the summit in 1.40 minutes. With no time to spare we quickly turned around and ran back down just about making it back in time.

We finished off the challenge with some celebratory Prosecco accompanied by fish and chips by the lake in Lamberis. Needless to say we were all ready for bed when we arrived back the Bunkhouse on Saturday night.

As Sunday morning arrived we were already talking about the next challenge…