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Browne Jacobson's Open Day for future trainees is over for another year

12 May 2011

It was Browne Jacobson’s Open Day for prospective trainees this week. The current trainees are always invited along to meet with the attendees at lunch, for drinks at the end of the day, to help with office tours and talk about life as a trainee in various departments within the firm.

Meeting the attendees this week reminded me of how nervous I was when I attended the Browne Jacobson Open Day back in 2006. The Open Day was my first insight into life as a trainee at Browne Jacobson and led to me being invited to an assessment centre and ultimately gaining a training contract with the firm.

I attended the Open Day in the Birmingham Office (now the Open Day is run from the Nottingham office). I remember panicking that I wouldn’t be able to find the office but I needn’t have worried as I bumped into another attendee holding the Browne Jacobson Open Day pack and map on the train and ended up chatting all the way there.

The Open Day was, and still is, made up of group activities (which are more like fun team building tasks) and talks about what it is like to be a trainee at the firm. I remember really enjoying the group tasks (I completely forgot that both HR and the Recruitment Team were watching) although I was a bit disappointed when my team got disqualified on one of the tasks!

I remember enjoying chatting to the current trainees over lunch and hearing their talks on “a day in the life of a trainee” in their respective departments. I remember really wanting to eat my lunch but also having so many questions and wanting to chat to as many people as possible! Now that I am on the other side and trying to answer attendees’ questions I find that I still never seem to manage to each much lunch. It sometimes feels like I am being interviewed all over again. I just hope that the answers I gave were helpful!

The best part of the day was realising that Browne Jacobson was definitely the firm for me – I hope that this year’s attendees got as much out of the Open Day as I did!