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Competitive sporting opportunities for the firm's budding netballers

7 April 2011

Here at BJ’s we have a thriving (and sometimes successful) netball team who play in the NJLD (Nottinghamshire junior lawyers division) league. We play against other local law firms in an attempt to win the coveted trophy, which is then presented at the annual NJLD ball. Anyone can join and all are welcome regardless of ability (this may be why I’m allowed to participate)! The team are friendly and welcoming to all the newbies and you soon get drawn into the netball fold.

The team consists of members from across the firm including both lawyers and non-lawyers all mixed up creating a (sometimes!) winning formula. I joined the netball team in the first few weeks of my training contract after hearing about it at our trainee induction day. I thought it would be a good way to get fit and meet other people at the firm. I wasn’t wrong! A sports group or club is an ideal way of getting in the mix and forging friendships within the firm and not just in your team or department.

We train once a week at a sports centre (even in the bleak and frosty winter) and often train with other teams in the league for match practice – this is also a cunning way of sizing up the opposition! We’re also very lucky that we have a netball coach who comes along to some of our practices and attempts to whip us into match readiness. The league is also a great way of some informal networking with other local firms and then of course there are also the socials…

There is always an opportunity at the firm to get involved in something outside of work; whether it is a committee or a sports team it’s a great way of meeting people.