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Browne Jacobson bliss... in the library?!

26 April 2011

Now most of us think of a library, as, well a rather dull, lifeless place. I must confess however, that I absolutely love the BJs library (and I know for a fact I’m not the only one).

On days when the office gets stuffy and the phone seems to constantly ring with client’s questions, counsel’s clerks, other fee earners (and occasionally my mum) I sometimes need some respite so I can sit down, and well, get stuck in to some work.

The library is so tranquil you can hear a pin drop. Surrounded by the smell of old and new books, the comfort of numerous volumes of Halsburys with too much information to ever absorb in a lifetime (and lets face it why would you want to) there’s a sigh of relief I make every time I go down there. Even the librarians it seems have taken the adage “be seen but not heard” literally. Frankly, the best pieces of drafting and analysing of cases I have ever done as a trainee were whilst in the library.

Plus… the library chairs are THE comfiest in the whole office by a long way, the kitchen always has clean mugs and cutlery, the toilets are always in top-notch conditions and you have a top-notch librarian feet away for when you’re totally stuck on a research task – it’s brilliant! After a few hours though I know it’s time to return to civilisation and respond to my calls and the numerous emails that will have popped into my inbox, I know that the library chair will be waiting for me to pay it another visit.