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Changing seats from Birmingham to Nottingham - a tale of two offices...

4 April 2011

Although I am currently in my fourth and final seat, this is the first seat I have done in our Nottingham office. After spending 18 months getting used to the Birmingham office, it is really interesting to see both the differences (and similarities) between the two!

Whereas the Birmingham office is one big open plan room (with separate meeting rooms and reception of course), here in Nottingham the office appears to have been cobbled together out of several different buildings, so the place is a bit of a maze.

Having said that, in four weeks I’ve only got lost once – although there are rumours of trainees who have disappeared down the ‘dungeon’ never to be seen again. (I feel I should point out at this stage that the dungeon is just a not-very-exciting storage room rather than some kind of medieval torture chamber.)

One big advantage Nottingham does have is the legendary No. 44 café by its reception area. Complete with PCs (not for work mind you) and even a pool table the café serves breakfasts and lunches, and there are almost always a clutch of trainees lounging around at lunchtime which provides great opportunities for a chat and general catch-up.

As the Nottingham office isn’t open plan there isn’t as much mingling with other teams, by the time I left Birmingham I knew everyone in the office and often chatted with people from other teams and departments, whereas in Nottingham teams tend to work very closely together.

I’ve found that everyone is as friendly and helpful over here as they were back in Birmingham. There’s a really supportive culture at BJ no matter which office you are in and people are always happy to stop for a chat or to help you out with a piece of work whenever – my supervisor ended up staying late last night just so that we could have my trainee review meeting, which was I was impressed by!

Both offices appear to have their own identity, but the general informal and friendly BJ culture is present throughout. If you aren’t sure which office to work in, I’d suggest both!