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Trainee seat move in March 2011 - what it's like to change seats

11 March 2011

This week all the trainees are moving seats. I shall be moving into my final seat going from corporate in Birmingham to property litigation and construction in Nottingham (with one or two days per week in Birmingham).

When moving seats it is important to tie up all the loose ends of your current seat, make sure that you give adequate handover notes and generally try to make life a bit easier for the trainee going into your seat. It can be difficult leaving the team that you have been working with for the last 6 months – just when you feel that you know what you are doing and have built up good relationships with the people you work with you have to rotate.

Although moving into a new team can be a bit daunting at Browne Jacobson all the departments are very welcoming and it doesn’t take long to settle in and feel part of the team.

I must admit, it is a slightly scary thought that this shall be my final seat move. I think that I will miss moving departments every 6 months once I am qualified but it makes me determined to make the most of it!